Do You Know What You Need To Do First When You Wake Up?

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How many times have you heard advice that after awakening you should be stretching out in bed? It is usually done with intention to “move in” our sleepy body and muscles, and actually thus makes an introduction to exercise.

However, besides physical, stretching have an impact on our mental health. Psychologist Amy Cuddy from Harvard advise that every morning before getting up to do, “the pose of power.”

“Power pose “is actually a term for a way of stretching which maximally spread our arms and legs.”

Power pose

It is this position that will help people with low self-esteem to feel good and create a sense of confidence which they lacked.

Namely, only 2 minutes in the stretching position automatically activate testosterone (“dominance hormone”) and decreases the level of cortisol (“stress hormones”) for which feel bad. That combination of high testosterone and low cortisol is responsible for creating a sense of confidence.

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